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About SafeWater

Safewater was founded in 1999 with the objective of introducing a safe, non-chemical product that could control Legionella. It was set up at a time when active ceramics first became available, and using this technology, the company developed a simple-to-use cartridge that would inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in water. Independent laboratories then carried out tests on the mix of active ceramics used in the cartridge to demonstrate their effectiveness in the control of Legionella and pathogenic bacteria in water systems.

The HydroClenz HC2000 range, immersible cartridges for cold water systems, were then brought to market with immediate success in both the domestic and commercial sectors. The HC2000 has had particular success in the safety market for tank fed safety showers.

In 2001 the silver/copper matrix material was developed, tested and produced commercially to form the Safewater IONamix™ media technology, now used throughout the HydroClenz product range.

The HC3000 range was also added to the range in 2001 following stringent laboratory tests which proved that inline cartridges were particularly effective in hot water systems, and to treat larger volumes of water using closed pumped re-circulatory systems.

Safewater is now based in Ipswich, Suffolk and provides both the commercial and domestic market with products and testing equipment to help control the growth of Legionella and other harmful bacteria. They export the HydroClenz units around the world and have a technical department on hand to give additional advice and information.