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IONamix Technology

IONamix technology

The IONamix™ water treatment technology is a non-chemical, non-powered, environmentally friendly, and cost effective disinfectant system for the control of pathogenic bacteria, scale and rust, in water systems. Using the combined processes of oxidation and ionisation, it is highly effective against Legionella, E Coli and Pseudomonas, and other waterborne bacteria.

IONamix in action

The IONamix™ media activates oxygen molecules and releases ions into water which, when combined, have the effect of creating an inhibitive environment for waterborne pathogenic bacteria.

The resultant structural and chemical change in the water also has the effect of inhibiting bio-film and the build-up of scale and rust due to a change in the pH value and a reduction in molecule size and lower surface tension

Releasing the ions and activating the oxygen is achieved in one of two simple ways, depending on the system:

  • Immersing the IONamix™ media into a body of static water allowing the oxygen and ions to permeate the water over a period of time.
  • Passing the water through the media ensuring the contact time is sufficient to produce the required effect.

IONamix compliance

IONamix™  technology complies with BS6920 Part 1, and meets the standards of the Water Byelaws Scheme. It also complies with the COSSH Regulations and Occupational Exposure Limits.

Regulations and Occupational Exposure Limits.

IONamix™ technology allows the safe reduction of water temperatures within a hot water system to comply with Part G of the Building Regulations

IONamix™ technology protects stored water systems that need to comply with the minimum temperature requirements of ANSI Z 358.1 and EN 15154.

The media used in HydroClenz units have been proven to kill Legionella and other bacteria in tests carried out by recognised authorities on the quality and safety of water (South West Water  Laboratories).