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Q1. I am looking for a water purifying/sterilising system – do HydroClenz cartridges sterilise a system?

No. Our cartridges act as a disinfectant for the control of Legionella, and other pathogenic bacteria, in cold and hot water systems. Please note it is not necessary to purify or sterilise water to control these bacteria within the current Health and Safety requirements.

Q2. I am looking for a water softening system – do HydroClenz cartridges offer this?

A2. Our cartridges do have a significant effect on scale and reduce its propensity to deposit, but not to the level and extent of commercial water softeners. Hydroclenz cartridges are essentially for the control of pathogenic bacteria in water systems, especially Legionella.

Q3. I have Legionella problems in my water system – can HydroClenz cartridges help?

Our products are for the constant and continual protection of water systems against the growth of Legionella and other harmful bacteria rather than to cure infected systems.

If you have discovered Legionella problems in your water system the exact reason should be identified and the proper actions taken. This may be a shock chlorination of the system. It is only after this has been done that a HydroClenz unit should be fitted because our product is for prevention, not immediate cure of a significant problem. Although the shock chlorination may succeed in the short term, it will not protect the water system in the long term but HydroClenz will. Monitoring of the system should be put in place as part of a proper management system in compliance with the ACoP L8.

If this infection is a re-occurrence whilst the system is being properly monitored or managed then it could be that the problem is being imported from outside through the mains water. If this is the case then it is imperative that constant protection of the water system is in place. Installation of the HydroClenz 3000 will provide this.

In any situation where there is obviously significant feed of Legionella into a system (this could be for a variety of reasons) it is absolutely imperative that the source is established and dealt with. If it can be dealt with mechanically (removal or management of a dead leg, etc) then this should be done first. If it is impossible to trace the source, then the HydroClenz 3000 could be used but should only be considered to ameliorate the problem – it will NOT cure the problem.

Q4. Where do I fit the HydroClenz 3000 in my system?

The HydroClenz 3000 is fitted on the downstream/discharge side of the pump.

Q5. I have a gravity fed hot water system. Will the HydroClenz 3000 protect it?

The HydroClenz 3000 is not a single pass cartridge so cannot be used in this system. The only protection that could be provided is by installing the HydroClenz 2000 cartridge in the storage tank.

This will in most cases protect the system, but much will depend on the condition of the water entering the tank, the turnover, the type of tank, and also the tank condition. We would suggest that you install a unit in the tank and monitor carefully both the water in the tank and at point of use. Please note that in tanks with temperatures below 20ºC the bacterial activity is likely to be shown on the test as low, this does not mean there are none there, and that any that are could not cause problems when the temperature of the water is raised to 40ºC.

Q6. Do your cartridges comply with the requirements of ACoP L8?

Yes when used as part of a water management system that complies with the ACoP L8.