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1. Workmanship and components

Hydroclenz 2000SS and Hydroclenz 3000 cartridges are guaranteed for 3 years and Hydroclenz 2000 are guaranteed for 5 years against defective workmanship and components.  If the units are found to be defective by Safewater (*trading division of Geoquip Water Solutions Ltd) we will replace them free of charge.

2. Correct Usage

Hydroclenz units are for use as part of a water management programme compliant with the current Approved Code of Practice and Guidelines for the prevention of Legionella bacteria in water systems as published by the Health & Safety Executive.

3. Constant Bacterial Inhibition

Providing a current risk assessment has been established, in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice, and all recommendations therein with regard to the safe operation of the water system have been and are being acted upon, the cartridges are fully guaranteed to inhibit bacterial growth and biofilm when installed for a period of 3 years (2000SS and 3000)  or 5 years (Hydroclenz 2000).

4. In The Event Of Failure

In the unlikely event, and for whatever reason, of failure of the units in a compliant water system as described above, Safewater* reserves the right to disinfect the particular system by any method allowed under the current Approved Code of Practice and Guidelines referred to above.

5. Application of guarantee

All units come with a guarantee which will apply only to the person or body to whom it is issued by Safewater* and shall not be transferable or assignable to any other person or body.

6. Where the guarantee does not apply

The guarantee does not apply where defects arise from the following:

i) the failure by any person or body to comply with the implementation of a water management programme in accordance with clause 2 of the guarantee or failure to follow or comply with any recommendations or requirements contained in the Risk Assessment in accordance with Clause 3 of the guarantee;

ii) physical abuse/misuse;

iii) damage/defects arising out of an accident;

iv) improper installation/maintenance application.